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BunnyTunes 6

BunnyTunes albums

Bunny Tunes Album 6
was released on 18 June 2012
and is now available to order!

The album includes a double-CD with 31 bunny-themed songs
plus a music video DVD.

The music video CD tracklist, includes the following hits.  
(Songs in bold feature on the music video DVD which has a running time of just over an hour.)

  • A Carrot for tea - Cedric's 2-foots

  • A Hutch is not enough - Rabbit Welfare Fund

  • All around my house - Cedric's 2-foots

  • A whiter shade of bunny (instrumental) - Bella and Greta's 2-foot, Auntie Suzanne

  • Big Walt - Buncle B

  • Bright eyes - Auntie C

  • Bunny Blues - Buncle P

  • Bunny Boy - Granneh K with additional music by Buncle V

  • Down in the valley to hop - Cedric's 2-foots

  • Forever true - Cedric's 2-foot

  • Furpect Day - Cedric's 2-foots

  • He's so Luverly - Auntie Sarah

  • Hop to me - Hare

  • Hop! in the name of love - Cedric's 2-foots

  • I am a rabbit - Cedric's 2-foot

  • I feel pretty - Granneh K (on behalf of late-Una bunny)

  • I'm a lagomorph & I'm OK - Cedric's 2-foots

  • In my life - Auntie A

  • I will survive (Rosie's song) - Rosie Bun assisted by Buncle B

  • Jasmine's song - Cedric's 2-foot

  • Lazy Buns - Buncle B

  • Leave me be - Granneh K

  • Maddie dreamed a dream - Dame Maddie Bun CBE

  • Maddie's birthday song - Cedric's 2-foot

  • Out in the garden - Cedric's 2-foot

  • Scoff 'em all - Cedric's 2-foot

  • Ships  - Cedric's 2-foots

  • Slipping through my paws (in memory of Una) - Granneh K

  • The LIA March - Cedric's 2-foot

  • Thumpin' in the Rain - Granneh K

  • Two-foot retriever - Hare

  • We are bunnies - Granneh K and Buncle V, with additional music by Buncle V

  • What do you get when you visit the vet - Granneh K

CD Tracklist:

CD one
1. Hop In The Name Of Love - Cedric & Millie's 2-Foots
2. Jasmine's Song - Cedric & Millie's 2- Foots
3. Thumping In the rain - Granneh K
4. Big Walt - Buncle Adam
5. A Carrot For Tea - Cedric & Millie's 2-Foots
6. Maddie Dreamed A Dream - Maddie
7. Phil's Bunny Blues - Buncle Phil
8. All Around My House - Cedric & Millie's 2-Foots
9. I am a rabbit - Cedric & Millie's 2-Foots
10. What Do you Get When You Visit The Vet - Granneh K
11. Lazybuns - Buncle Adam
12. Out In The Garden - Cedric & Millie's 2-Foots
13. We Are Bunnies - Granneh K & Buncle Vernon
14. Maddie's Birthday Song - Cedric & Millie's 2-Foots
15. Bright Eyes - Tina Lambert

disc two
16. Ships - Cedric & Millie's 2-Foots
17. In My Life (Fluffy's Song) - Auntie Anne
18. Furpect Day - Cedric & Millie's 2-Foots with Steve Richer
19. He's So Lovely - Auntie Sarah (with Kerry O'Kay)
20. Leave Me Be - Granneh K
21. I'm A Lagamorph - Cedric & Millie's 2-foots
22. Two Foot Retriever - Hare
23. I Will Survive -
Rosie Bun
24. Down In The Valley To Hop - Cedric & Millie's 2-Foots
25. I Feel Pretty - Granneh K
on behalf of late-Una
26. The LIA March - Cedric & Millie's 2-Foots
27. Hop To Me - Hare
28. Forever True - Cedric & Millie's 2-Foots
29. Bunny Boy - Granneh K
30. Scoff 'Em All - Cedric & Millie's 2-Foot's
31. A Hutch Is Not Enough - Maria Daines

Order your copy now:

UK and European orders
The Bunny Tunes Albums are non-profitmaking and all proceeds are donated to rabbit welfare organisations - currently The Bunny Camp Sanctuary in Bradford, Yorkshire.  Order your free copy now by making a donation (suggested amount £10 or more) below for UK and EUROPEAN orders:


USA orders


Please use the form to contact us if you wish to be involved in the next album, Bunny Tunes 7, by :

  • writing lyrics for songs

  • playing backing music

  • singing

  • anything else...

  • anything else

All recording can be done in your own home and advice will be offered re how to actually make the recording.  This will then be mixed for you.


Please forward your reviews, via the Contact BunnyTunes
page, to be included on this page....

Without a doubt, this is the best Bunny Tunes album yet.  

The packaging and presentation is first-rate, once again, but it’s the content which counts and this album is better than ever before.  There’s the widest range of songs, a mixture of styles and new contributors and, I have to say, the standard of performance is also impressively high, particularly as most of the contributors are not professional singers or musicians.

Just a few of the highlights:
Hop in the name of Love: a happy, bouncy start to the album
Thumping in the Rain: a very apt song and video reflecting the boredom of bunnies during the wet ‘summer’ of 2012
Big Walt: wow, what a hunk he is
Phil’s Bunny Blues: what a professional performance and video
I am a rabbit: great humorous lyrics
Lazy buns: A slow melody accompanied by a dreamy video.  
In my life: the singer has an exceptional voice and what a lovely tribute to her lost rabbit
Furpect day: a most enjoyable performance and it made my day furpect
He’s so lovely: another great bouncy song and an amusing video showing Bruno with his treat tin
I’m a lagomorph: a great re-interpretation of a Live Hay’d 2011 favourite
I will survive: I can’t watch this without collapsing into giggles at the lyrics and Rosie’s singing!
I feel pretty: a song in memory of Una which suits her perfectly
The LIA March: a most catchy song accompanied by one of the best videos. Very professional indeed.

Like the album, the video DVD is the best yet with a wide range of video styles and some professional effects.  Most memorable are:
Slipping through my paws: a tear-jerking tribute to Una
A carrot for tea: love this video and the carroty images
A hutch is not enough: Most thought-provoking and we couldn’t agree more.  Rabbits do need more than a hutch.
Ships: Nice to see some 2-foots appearing in a video
Bunny Boy: a great song for a much-loved rabbit

This is a brilliant CD and video collection for anyone who loves rabbits.  
10 / 10 to all involved.
Can’t wait for the next album!

We've been listening to the cd's today and there's some grrreeat songs on there, and some fantastic furpormances.

We've got lots of favourites, but Daddy insists to keep playing "Forever True" - hopparently it reminds him of a song by some silly two-foot ?

We watched the dvd last night, and it's tree-men-dooos ! There's one song that Mummy couldn't watch all the way through, but it's a very important one. There's also a very sad one - it's a superb song and a worthy tribute to a speshull bun. The rest are classics in their own rights - each and every one - and we had lots of fun spotting all of our friends.

Congrat-chew-lay-shuns to all concerned, and we urge everybun to buy a copy as soon as you can.

Granneh K - if you want a revoo for the website, use this for now .....

" Bunny Tunes 6 is the best Bunny Tunes ... ever ! Buy it now - you won't be dis-hop-pointed ! "

Full review to follow ..........


Bella & Greta xx

I don't think most people understand how much work is involved with making a video.  I watched my brother do a video of footage from a movie camera.  Time consuming and exacting work!  On behalf of buns on both sides of the Big Pond, thank you for doing such a great job!

Glad to hear your voice again as you put together lyrics and music to create such a gem as To the Vet.  A song all buns can agree with.  Slipping Through My Paws brought a tear to my eyes.  I know you must still miss Una so much.  Big Walt was a clever song.

Bunny Tunes wouldn't be as good a gift if we didn't have a DVD showing all the buns during the music.  You are to be commended.

Thanks for all you do for the bunnies and those who love them.


BunnyTunes 6 has been over two years in the making so it was with a lot of pent up anticipation that I dropped the DVD in the player. I need not have worried, It was brilliant. Not only were the songs filmed wonderfully well, but they are all sequenced perfectly so that you go from laughter to tears and back again. The BunnyTunes 6 DVD is essential viewing.

Admiral Sir Cedric Rex.


Congratulations Everyone !

Bunny Tunes 6 offers a great mix of song styles from blues guitar, (Bunny Blues by Buncle Phil) to a beautifully orchestrated musical solo, (Whiter Shade of Bunny by Auntie Suzanne).

Superb videography By Granny K takes us on a vet visit and chronicles the lives of bunnies we all have known and loved. It was good to see old friends again.

“Ships” by Cedic & Millie's TwoFoots was expecially moving and the sweet touch at the end with a kiss for ajob well done. It's difficult to sing about Rainbow Bunnies. They hop so close to our hearts!

We learned that a “Hutch is Not Enough” Many to Thanks Maria Daniels for bringing home the all too sad truth about the fate of so many bunnies. The song begins with the bunnie's joy of being chosen in the pet shop to the saddnes of being forgotton and neglected. Thanks for all the care tips on how a bunnie's life should be.

We marched “The LIA March” and had “Carrots to Tea” and “Scoff ' Em All” by Cedic & Millie's twoFoots. What a delicious combo!

“I'm so Pretty” by Granny K and “He's Lovely” by Auntie Sarah left me smiling and happy and feeling quite good about myself. I only wish I could remove a lid from a container with my teeth. What a brilliant talent! I loved the end when Bruno-bunny got tired of the game and ran away with the lid. :)

So many more wonderful songs and vids. I can't mention them all !

I laughed and cried.

Thanks Everyone for all the hard work and wonderful support of BUNNIES.


Auntie Hare


I watched the DVD and have to admit I have two favorites:  Ships and He's so Luverly (I love Bruno).  It was good to see pictures of Dandy and Flopsy Girl.  He brought back memories of my first bun, Starlight.  She was a white, red-eyed Netherland dwarf.

I enjoyed Hop to Me and I thought Hare had a good voice.   It was a treat to see her buns too.  So many bunfriends on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge.

Bunny Blues was well done, nice to have a new contributor.  A couple of sad songs, the one about Una and the RWAF song with Maria Daines.  Excellent video, informative with a good demonstration of what a proper set up looks like.  

I'm glad Rosie survived; her dad sure worked hard with all those syringes.  She's a beautiful bunny.

A Carrot for Tea was a fun song, had my toes tapping.  I was surprised by Big Walt being an uppity-eared rabbit. I thought all of Karen's rabbits were Lops.   Buncle did a good job.  Down in the Valley to Hop - another acapella song.  Chris and you did a nice job with All Around My House, a favorite of mine.  To the Vet is a clever song and one that all the buns could agree with!  

You are such a clever writer, singer and musician.  As long as you are around we can continue to expect excellence.

Auntie J


I got my BT6 yesterday and I was delighted. It is a wonderful addition to my BT collection!

The dvd was beautifully done; I was surprised and pleased to see my grandbuns, Merry and Ringo in several of the still shots. As to the songs, "Ships" was my favorite, as it talked about the buns who were gone over the Bridge. "A Carrot For Tea" was rollicking and had me clapping along with it! "Scoff 'Em All" was equally as much fun. "In My Life" was very sweet and reminiscent. Hare's "Two Foot Retriever" made me smile and "Forever True" was a treat. "Down In The Valley To Hop" was another favorite. "Bright Eyes" sounded very professionally done and "A Hutch Is Not Enough" was a good inclusion, very bittersweet.   Also loved What Do You Get When You Visit The Vet. The tunes and backings were a lot of fun and really showed the enthusiasm which went into this latest BT.

Congratulations to all for a job very well done and another great production by the Bunny Tunes Folk!

Can't wait for the next one!

Auntie N

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